We reported yesterday the flat – Volkswagen SEM in the form of a large battery to fit inside a compact car for an incredible electric cooker of over 300 miles. Well, it will obviously not be the case for every non-electric vehicle, and Tesla’s Elon Musk confirmed that indeed the Tesla model 3 will not have a battery that is greater than 100 kWh by the size of the wheelbase.

Tesla Model 3 has a Smaller Battery Than 100 kWh

Disappointing for those who have great ambitions

For those of you who are expected to economically Tesla model 3 perfectly replace your gasoline car, this can be good news disappointing. The crux of the matter is, Elon Musk is right: the battle model comes 3 is too small for a battery over 100 kWh. At least for now.

In a pious yesterday, musk said that the battery capacity for model 3 will be less than 100 kWh. It is interesting to note that two other top models, Model S and Model X, have the option of a 100 kWh battery. With this, the S model has a range of 335 miles or, and the model X about 295 miles.

Although we must wait and see if the final product was officially unveiled, initially revealing Tesla says Model 3 would have a reach of at least 215 miles. Again, this would be in direct competition with the likes of the Chevy Bolt, which has a range of about 230 miles.

Does Tesla never use more than 100 kWh of battery?

The answer seems to be no. Again, at least for now. Elon Musk also confirmed on Twitter that the company has no plans to introduce more than 100 kWh batteries for one of the current models. However, he hints that the next models will Tesla half and can go beyond 100 kWh.

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