If Series 3 dominates BMW sales in Canada, Series 5 is the best known and most associated with the brand. While the first generation of this model was introduced in 1972, it is entitled for 2017 to the arrival of the seventh of the name.

On its arrival at the beginning of next February, the Series 5 will be available in two versions in Canada, with a full-size cog, the 530i xDrive ($ 61,500) and the 540i xDrive ($ 69,000 ). The 530i, which succeeds the 528i, inherits a new four-cylinder turbocharged engine that delivers 248 horsepower. Those who desire a little more power can turn to the 540i which, thanks to its six-cylinder 3.0-liter, has 335 horsepower. Its superior power reduces about 1.2 seconds in the sprint of 0-100 km / h compared to the 530i. All deliveries inherit an eight-speed automatic transmission.

New BMW 5 Series 2017 Review : the comfort of a 7 Series, the agility of the 3 Series

The new 5 Series models are also designed to be lightweight. The engineers succeeded in cutting off nearly 100 kg using lighter materials, which favors behavior and fuel economy. On the style side, the car is a bit more muscular than the previous generation, which adds to its dynamism. In Canada, the M Sport package is included, enhancing sportiness with the addition of aerodynamics, 19-inch wheels and a lowered suspension.

On board, the work done is simply spectacular, especially in the evening with a pervasive lighting without counting a marked attention to detail. One notices the new multimedia screen and the sixth generation of iDrive system which is increasingly intuitive. Being a little more imposing than the previous generation of a few millimeters in height, width and length, the model gains not only in habitability but also in cargo space. There are a total of 530 liters, which allows BMW to carry four bags of golf.

New BMW 5 Series 2017 Review : the comfort of a 7 Series, the agility of the 3 Series

We had the chance to drive a few hundred kilometers behind the wheel of the 540i. First observation, the engine delivers its torque quickly and without delay. However, we could not test the four-cylinder base, hopefully its performance is also interesting. No reproach to make in the case of transmission, it is fast and ultra precise.

As for the big question, an E-Class or a BMW 5 Series? The decision is more difficult than ever! The argument in favor of the 5 Series is that it has the upper hand on driving pleasure. It is a car that is literally body with the driver; If that is what you are looking for, you will be served.

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