In the UK, Mercedes has just opened pre-bookings for its future pick-up, the Mercedes Classe X 2017. However, this one is not expected before the end of the year.

Unveiled last October in versions ” Powerful adventurer ” (fighter) and ” stylish explore ” (high-end), the X class is at present a concept. The production version of the first pick-up Mercedes has not yet been revealed and will not be sold before the end of the year. Yet, success seems already to go.\’

Mercedes Classe X 2017: reservations open!

“Many of our customers have indicated their strong desire to be among the first to own the new Class X , which is amazing since it has not yet been announced,” has said Steve Bridge, Managing Director of Mercedes Vans in the United Kingdom.

Approximately € 1,200 for Mercedes Classe X 2017 booking fee

Result, to meet this “phenomenal demand”, the manufacturer already has opened pre-orders of the X Class in Britain! For a reimbursable installment of £ 1,000 (approx. € 1,200), interested parties can place an option to be the first to be able to order the device when it is launched on the UK market in 2018. To reserve, make Involved at .

To recap, the X-Class series will be a midsize pickup that can accommodate five passengers on board (crew cab). It will be driven by a diesel V6 block and will benefit from the 4Matic all-wheel drive. It should also announce a payload of more than 1.1 tons and a traction force of 3.5 tons. A vis to the amateurs …

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