The AMG division of Mercedes-Benz continues to produce new models. Finally, almost new. His latest creation is the E 63, a Class E capable of fighting with the biggest sports of the hour. Mercedes-Benz Canada will import only the most powerful E 63 S.

From the front bumper to the A pillar, the AMG adopts a more assertive style than that of its little sister. Also, several aerodynamic attributes, different exhausts and tires also “affirmed” complements, in part, the program. Inside the passenger compartment there are mostly sports seats and, for anyone who enjoys playing in the many dashboard menus, special gauges display crucial data in a high-performance sports car.

Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC + 2018: sin of pride

Under the hood, there are 603 horses and a pair of 627 lb-ft, available between 2,500 and 4,500 rpm! The gearbox has nine gears, optimized for sporty driving. Between this box and the wheels, we find the 4MATIC integral gearwheel, but reviewed by AMG and bearing the official name of AMG Performance 4MATIC . The Germans like to complicate matters.

On a motorway, this AMG is a prestigious badge and an E 300 does as much work, the sound of the V8 less. This does not prevent it, even in Comfort mode, to approach the curves with an extraordinary aplomb, despite its 1950 kilos. The power is still there, ready to move the mountain as if it were a grain of sand.

Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC + 2018: sin of pride

In Sport and Sport modes, you should hear the roar at the back. The direction becomes even more vivid, so much so that at the first change of direction, we make a little too much. Nevertheless, it is not so serious, the side support of the front seats is perfect and the brakes are there to slow the rise of testosterone badly controlled.

We were able to try this ultimate E-Class on a racetrack where it reveals a character if not brutal, at the very least sharp. Thanks to a superbly calibrated suspension and high performance Pirelli P Zero, the Sunday driver I am surprised to take the curves at speeds far beyond logic, especially for such a heavy sedan.

For a little fun, one can engage the Drift mode which sends all the gum to the rear wheels. But I can not imagine a E 63 S in full skid perfectly controlled, steerable rear tires. Certainly, the car can do this and several drivers can dominate the lateral thrust, however, admit that they will be few to exploit the full potential of this great athlete. Ah, the sin of pride …

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