That I was looking forward to trying this CR-V, because to me it was the same kind of big leap forward as the arrival of the new generation of the Civic.

For Canada, where almost 40,000 units of the former CR-V will flow in 2016, Honda has designed a special version of the new generation. Only one engine will be available, the turbo engine, which we will discuss later. In addition, we can equip our Canadian CR-V with a panoramic roof, and we can also choose the heated seats in the back and the heated steering wheel.

Honda CR-V 2017: Honda returns to the top
Honda CR-V 2017

The 2017 CR-V proudly displays a new style, similar to that of other Honda products that have recently been updated, such as the Pilot and Ridgeline. The cabin is probably the best improvement over the previous generation. More comfortable seats are now available, and the dashboard is worthy of the 21st century. What the buyers will appreciate most, however, is that the cockpit is more spacious, especially at the rear.

Depending on the options selected, you can add a good audio system and an electronic security system that does a good job, detecting well before you potential dangers. The intelligent cruise control is even able to completely stop the car, if needed.

This time, Honda has paid great attention to driving this new CR-V. The first thing that strikes is the new direction. The rack and its electronic assistance have been completely redesigned to offer one of the best directions in terms of approval and segment. It remains light, to perform the maneuvers effortlessly, but it no longer gives the impression of fighting with elastics, as before.

Honda CR-V 2017: Honda returns to the top
Honda CR-V 2017

The engine, however, is a small masterpiece in itself. This is the same four-cylinder turbocharged 1.5 liter that is found in some versions of the Civic, but here its power has been increased to 190 horsepower, with a torque of 179 pounds-feet. Coupled with an industry-leading CVT automatic transmission, this engine performs remarkable work in any condition. The most amazing thing is that it does everything by consuming just over 7.5 l / 100 km.

It can be said that the Honda CR-V 2017 is more pleasant to drive, and more dynamic. However, the emphasis remains on comfort, which means that the CR-V can not really be described as “sports-related SUVs,” as Honda’s information material suggests.

More fun to drive, more economical, more refined, this new CR-V is a success all along the line. Unless you have the century’s offer for a 2016, wait until 2017, which will arrive in Canadian dealerships by the end of December.

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