The updated 2017 Renault ZOE fully electric segment car is on sale throughout the United Kingdom after being first demonstrated at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The biggest difference is the new battery pack installed in the ZE40 ZOE, extending its maximum range of 250 miles.

According to Renault, this is the largest range of any fully electric mainstream vehicle, but if you want to spend less, the current 22kW ZOE is still available in the level of affordable finish expression.

Full details and prices of electric vehicles 2017 Renault ZOE

Renault also unveiled a new application for smartphones that will help you find a place to recharge your vehicle and allow for easy payments. When you are not with the car, Renault also provides an application that allows you to see the status of loading of the ZOE and other information about the vehicle, even allowing you to preheat the interior on a cold morning.

And the latest battery technology, a new signature Nav tuning has also been introduced, with some new paint shades and alloy wheels designs. And high mileage customers who rent the battery rather than buy from plane are now able to choose an unlimited mileage option.

The prices (after the government subsidy plug-in car has been deducted) start from £ 13,995 while praising the world battery costs £ 50- £ 110 per month, depending on their capabilities and how far You want to travel. Deliveries of the last ZOE began in January 2017.

Annual Mileage Up to 4,500 miles Up to 6,000 miles Up to 7,500 miles Up to 9,000 miles Up to 10,500 miles Unlimited miles
22kW £49 £59 £69 £79 £89 n/a
Z.E.40 £59 £69 £79 £89 £99 £110


2017 Renault ZOE trim levels and equipment

Full details and prices of electric vehicles 2017 Renault ZOE

If you do not mind getting the 22 kW battery, it is available in the version of the entry-level expression of Nav ZOE, which costs just under £ 14,000 if the battery is rented and around £ 19,000 for ‘direct purchase’ .

For a segment car, it is always well equipped with seven-inch R-Link information and entertainment 2 Renault configuration, which includes Bluetooth and satellite navigation, as well as cruise control, air conditioning and heated mirrors.

Dynamics NAV version is in the middle of the range, priced just under £ 18,000 (£ 23,445 with the battery), adding the application of “interactive ZE”, which can monitor your car’s smartphone, Computer or tablet, allowing you to remotely control the session load and even the car to cool or warm up before a trip.

The cap-spec £ 19,895 (£ 25,495 if you buy batteries) Firma Nav Level trim is brand new. It adds leather upholstery, heated front seats, a better BOSE stereo and a rear view camera. This model is also put to different alloy wheels in 16-inch design and lumbar adjustment for the driver’s seat.

Full details and prices of electric vehicles 2017 Renault ZOE


The new Zoe battery can contain almost twice as much power as the previous one, despite having no extra space or much more weight. Previously, Zoe used a 22kWh battery, while the new one can store up to 41kWh of electricity. Power and performance have not been modified, with the 89bhp electric motor that allows 0-62 mph time of 13.5 seconds.

Although Renault claims a maximum range of 250 miles for the revised ZOE, the company expects the “real world” figure to be closer to 186 miles due to changes in the environment, road conditions and Behavior of the car is to perform. The range could even be as low as 124 miles when driving in “extreme cold.” The loading time has not changed, with the new car still taking half an hour to add 50 miles to the beach. Using a fast charger can expedite this process, however.
The new battery comes in two forms – R90 and Q90. The age range offers maximum 250 miles, while the slightly cheaper Q90 has a maximum range of 230 miles, but it takes much less time to load (see table below).

ZOE version Battery Charge Time(0-80%, 43kW chargepoint) Charge Time(0-100%, 7kW at home) Range(miles)






Expression Nav R90 22kW 22kWh 1h00 4h00 71 106 149
Dynamique Nav R90 Z.E.40 41kWh 1h40 7h25 124 186 250
Dynamique Nav Q90 Z.E.40 41kWh 1h 05 8h25 112 174 230
Signature Nav R90 Z.E.40 41kWh 1h 40 7h25 124 186 250
Signature Nav Q90 Z.E.40 41kWh 1h 05 8h25 112 174 230

This battery is also compatible with the previous model, which means ZOE existing owners can upgrade the battery in their car to give a longer range by direct purchase or rent it. However, it will not provide as much variety as the new car, due to other improvements in 2017 ZOE. Existing owners wishing to upgrade should also take a new financing agreement on their ZOE at a higher cost.

Smartphone app

The ZOE smartphone application can take care of satellite car navigation after parking in a charging station, which head off for the rest of your trip.

As this door-to-door navigation, it will also allow you to check the charge level of the car battery, the estimated range and the amount of charge time remaining. You will also be able to pre-set the climate control of the car before boarding, pre-selecting the charging time and activating the same charging process remotely.

It is also able to use the application for smartphones that pay for electricity from a number of operators across Europe. This allows you to pay and use the charging stations without becoming a registered user with the operators.

Price and date of sale

Already on sale for 2017 Renault ZOE is priced from £ 13,995 to £ 20,645 (with battery and plug-in after the government subsidy lease). Buy batteries and the car will cost £ 18,995 to £ 26,245 after delivery.

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