The first F-150 SVT Raptor was a huge success since its launch in 2011. This second Raptor is built on the current platform of the F-150, body in aluminum included. It is lighter than its predecessor even though it is more powerful, better equipped and additionally equipped with a suspension, a gearbox and a four-wheel drive train seriously improved.

The new Ford F-150 Raptor 2017 is produced in two versions. The SuperCab Dual-Door and Extended Cab has a base price of $ 67,899 and the SuperCrew four-door and full cab auction starts at $ 69,899. If you find the spicy bill, just think that the first Raptor kept up 87% of its value after two years, which is phenomenal.

On the fantastic maze of narrow roads that surrounds the Pinckney Hell Creek Ranch in Michigan, the rain made the ride even more interesting and revealing that day. With its more sturdy aluminum body, its large black grille and its giant tires, the Raptor devoured the ribbons of earth, gravel or asphalt like a hungry ogre without ever losing its aplomb. Rather the opposite.

Cornering I enchaƮnais playing quietly steering wheel and accelerator, I really had the impression of being in command of one of these fabulous Trophy Trucks dominate racing in the deserts. In many, much more refined. In short: it is capable of taking. En masse.

Under the hood of the new Raptor is a V6 EcoBoost turbocharged second-generation V6. This 3.5-liter group releases 450 horsepower and a torque of 510 pounds-feet, substantial gains compared to the atmospheric V8 of 6.2 liters that propelled the first offspring of the Raptor line. The new engine certainly does not have the roar of the old in full throttle, nevertheless, its growl still pleases to hear.

All this with the promise of reduced fuel consumption by 23% thanks to both direct and indirect fuel injection, but also to a new 10-speed automatic transmission.

The new Ford F-150 Raptor 2017 takes advantage of an advanced version of the field management system of its predecessor. It is easy to select from six driving modes, each with specific settings for the accelerator, steering, transmission and four-wheel drive system, depending on the conditions.

The new F-150 Raptor is an all-terrain and all-season performance machine wonderfully fun to drive, but it’s also a great convenient, comfortable and spacious pickup truck for four adults, and a fifth to the occasion. So many excellent arguments to convince your sweet half that the Raptor is the perfect vehicle for your little family.

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