Supercars, Hypercars, Megacars, Ultracars … how to name the elite of the sports car has somewhat diversified in recent years. I wanted to make a catalog, a subjective inventory.

I\’m not the first to look into the matter: the excellent Alexsmolik, who expressed his sensitivity to this very special car. The supercar fascinates, interests, does not leave indifferent but it must first define what is not so simple.

Encyclopedia of Supercars

What is a supercar?

Yes, I will limit myself to this term because, let\’s be honest, the others are mainly manufacturers\’ inventions to foam their customers in a competitive world that has become fierce. In preparing this article, what struck me at the outset was the multiplication of cars that I call supercars in the last ten years. From a few models in the 80s, we moved to a full range in the years 2010.

First of all, a supercar should be a sports car: exit the Rolls-Royce, Maybach and other Bentley.

Encyclopedia of Supercars

It is luxurious and sometimes very exclusive but they are above all cars with driver. It must also represent a form of culmination of the automobile art of its time, a technical flounder or a major advance. As with any technological industry, the automobile introduces most of its innovative breaks from the top (central engine, carbon hull, steerable wheels, carrier engine, active aerodynamics, etc.). Design can only be exclusive and assertive. We love or hate but we must not be indifferent.

The production must be rare or simply limited: that is what makes me exclude from the category the upper range of Lamborghini, Aventador or Murcielago, which happily exceeds 2000 copies without any restriction other than that of demand.

Similarly, the limited declination of these cars does not, in my opinion, fall into this category: no 599 GTO or F12 TdF which are end-of-career evolutions with a radical trend. The same goes for the Lamborghini SV or the Porsche RS. It is here, I know, that I am going to lose some amateurs who will scandalize scandal but I assume by specifying that I love the Murcielago SV but that it is definitely no (I said “subjective” a little upper).

Encyclopedia of Supercars

Exclusion of artisans more or less serious who regularly launch in spectacular announcements (450 km / h, 5000 hp, 4 engines or whatever else) to collect some reservations checks that could try to try to develop The promise of paper. The model or the first prototype will be our happiness in 35 or 40 years on the lawns of the competitions but one can not decently speak about serious car production. When one knows the time put by a group as powerful as Volkswagen to finalize the promise of the 1001 ch of the Veyron, it is said that the few signatories of these installments are often very naive. That explains the absence of Hennessy and its Venom GT, SSC and its Aero, Mosler and MT900: these cars are rolling but is it really production? Some, however, have succeeded brilliantly and are included in this inventory: it is necessary to salute the clairvoyance of their benefactors, especially those of Pagani.

The elite of the automobile

Encyclopedia of Supercars

These great principles laid, I began to list what our favorite manufacturers had produced as supercars. I finally stopped at 39. Yes, just 39. Some will say that it is missing (it\’s possible or even probable), others that there are too many (I do not believe it but It was necessary to balance the sentence). There will also be no Supercars announced at the time this article was written: Koenigsegg Regera, Aston Martin AM RB 001, Mercedes-AMG Project One, Ford GT 2016, McLaren B23, etc.
It was then necessary to decide how to present them: order of preference? chronology? Groupings? I finally tried the impossible: a totally subjective reversal of my preferences. Out of competition are the cars that I could never meet on the day of writing this post: integration in a normal environment, sound, proportions can only be judged in vivo. This classification is therefore a clever mixture of stylistic taste, place in automobile history, synthesis of the writings ofCocusLucky that could lead us and to share their feeling and last but not least pure bias.

The Lamborghini Centenario was presented recently at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. It has extended a tradition of young miniseries particularly angry bulls by honoring Ferruccio Lamborghini who would have turned 100 this year. More powerful, with steering rear wheels, it is a super Aventador. His style is almost wise compared to his older sisters. Some appendages coated with yellow still offer her a bad girl side that appeals to customers of the brand. The first copies (there will be 40) soon arrive in our streets (finally those of London).

Encyclopedia of Supercars

I hesitated a bit before adding the Saleen S7 in this encyclopedia: Marginal and American, its production is very limited, the work of a craftsman a little too far the criteria I set for myself. Saleen is above all a preparer, notably of Mustang. A regular commitment in competition in the 2000s (including Le Mans) made him win his place here. Side of style, there is no hesitation, one is in the sport, the manly, the supercar. Side motorization, it is the same thing: born with 550 unfortunate horses, she ended her career with almost double (who said “copier de Bugatti”?). The production would turn to a few dozen copies that it is not too hazardous to locate in the US and in the usual Emirates. That said, there is one in France. More …

The monotype sessions do not date from the Ferrari FXX. In the 1980s, Jaguar, in a bid to mask the aging image of its production cars, launched several programs. The most obvious is the one that led to success at Le Mans in 1988. The Jaguar XJR15 is for the happy few who wish to do battle in the opening Grands Prix F1 in 1991. Designed by TWR, after the XJR9 of Le Mans, the car is Today a little forgotten and almost invisible despite 53 built specimens. It is not without interest: it is the first carbon road car. It escapes the ambient madness of the market: at the end of 2014, a copy found a taker at a RM auction in London for £ 218,000 only while it had barely more than 2000 km on the counter. It is up to you to decide whether it is a promising investment or the sign of a tenacious disenchantment.

Encyclopedia of Supercars

Only 19 Cizeta-Moroder V16T and they look (very) furiously to the Lamborghini Diablo. The brand disappeared with it, after a commercial failure as one crosses a lot in the small world of automotive craftsmen underworld of battle between the protagonists.

Encyclopedia of Supercars

Its architecture is basically original: two 8 flat plates to form a V16 positioned transversely! I\’ll let you imagine the width of the back … The design is the one that was first proposed for the future Diablo, serving as the basis for what will be the real replacement for the aging Countach. As often, the car to his enthusiastic admirers, often teenagers or young adults in the 90s, contemporaries of the beast …

Encyclopedia of Supercars

Like the Cizeta, the W8 is worshiped among a small group of fanatics. The Vector W8 will allow me to briefly introduce this causes often the collapse of emerging builders: a management stewardship amateur trend … only 22 copies, all American design and questionable design initiated almost 20 years before commercialization n Have not prevented an Indonesian group from buying the company without the agreement of the company itself (hostile takeover bid). All this to propose an M12 version based on Diablo (Megatech owned the Italian brand at this time before Audi saves it). Tears, questionable technical choices, scattered capital: the ingredients are there. If we add the fact that the founder Jerry Wiegert had recovered most of the rights of the mark fairly quickly, we find ourselves in an obvious puzzle. Absolutely invisible in Europe, if you cross one, make a grid of Lotto.

Encyclopedia of Supercars

I finish the series of standout by the Lamborghini Veneno , here roadster. As a rule, I like the Lamborghini: it\’s sporty, aggressive, cutting edge. The Veneno is the perfect example that too much is the enemy of good. There is an overdose of appendages, angles, fins of all kinds and I have not yet spoken of the shark tail copied on the LMP1, very useful to paradise between Geneva and Monaco at the average speed of 32 km / h .

In terms of style, it is therefore absolutely awful but it has the merit of having an assertive personality … On the other hand, it is neither more nor less than an Aventador recarross√©e with a motor close (identical? The SV version. The official price has not been published but we speak here of 3.3 million euros HT. It\’s very expensive anti-art work but exclusivity is now at this price. 12 copies only, it\’s ultra exclusivity.
We make a first break here … very soon with the first part of my ranking.

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