The LC coupe, available in LC 500 at atmospheric V8 engine and LC 500h hybrid powertrain is not only a new sports coupe for the brand, but also symbolizes the rebirth of Lexus.

To build the LC coupe, Toyota engineers have created a whole new platform. Although lighter exotic materials, such as carbon fiber, have been used in the manufacture of certain elements, such as the roof, the LC 500 has a weight of between 1,935 and 2,020 kilograms . At first glance, the model series is very faithful to the brilliant look of the concepts that preceded it.

Under the hood LC coupes use known engines. The LC 500 inherits the same atmospheric V8 engine developing 471 horsepower that is shared with the RC F Coupe, while the LC 500h receives the 3.5-liter V6 powered by an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion combination for a combined power of 354 horses.

The V8 is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission from the Aisin OEM, while the Hybrid V6 uses a new multi-stage Hybrid with a continuously variable automatic with two electric motors, A conventional four-speed automatic. It is therefore two transmissions working in concert to reproduce the effect of a box with ten reports.

2018 Lexus LC : The Rebirth of Lexus

On the occasion of the global launch of the LC Coupe, I was able to complete a few laps of Circuito Monteblanco with both variants. The chassis of the Lexus LC 2018 is really very rigid and the mass distribution is excellent with 51% of the weight resting on the front axle and 49% on the rear. The car was registered in curves accurately with an exceptionally linear direction that delivers a very good feedback . His reactions are always very predictable, but his main handicap remains the very high weight.

2018 Lexus LC : The Rebirth of Lexus

Leaving the circuit for the marked roads, one discovers the real vocation of the coupĂ© LC which is more centered on the great tourism than on the driving sport. The comfort is sovereign, at least on the smooth roads on which we rolled. Life on board is especially nice, however, we can only rant about the type of controller touchpad multimedia system. This kind of interface works remarkably well on a computer, but much less well on the center console of a moving vehicle …

The LC 500 and LC 500h will arrive in Canada in the spring of 2017 as 2018 models. Lexus plans to sell 120 LC coupes per year in the country, specifying that the hybrid model will only be offered to order.

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